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Vino Rosato, Societa Agricola Rabasco
Vino Rosato, Societa Agricola Rabasco
Vino Rosato, Societa Agricola Rabasco

Vino Rosato, Societa Agricola Rabasco

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Winery - Societa Agricola Rabasco 

Region - Abruzzo Country - Italy

Winemaker -  Agricola Rabasco

Farming Method - Sustainable & Natural

Grapes - 100% Montepulciano

Wine Type - Young & Fresh Rose 

Suitable For Vegans/Vegetarians - Yes/Yes

Vintage - 2020  Bottle Size - 750ml ABV - 11.5%


Agricola’s 2020 vintage ‘Vino Rosato’ is an absolute cracker, a Bodega class and definitely to be considered a bit of a rough diamond when it comes to wine drinking during the Christmas period! First thing’s first - the appearance of this rose is incredibly tempting, slightly orange-hued with a distinguished pink tone as the foundation. The moment you take the cork out is when things start getting spicy. Somewhat of a smokey, herbaceous vibe almost instantly -  vintage montepulciano (the grape) characteristics. Lip puckering, fresh strawberry notes on the first mouthful followed by deeper tones of what comes on the nose i.e minty, grass flavours that give the ‘Rosato’ a noticeably medium-bodied essence. Best enjoyed on a full stomach after a warming, hearty plate of food!



Societa Agricola Rabasco is an independent Italian natural winery situated in a small village named Pianella, just forty kilometres away from Abruzzo’s Adriatic coast. The 3.5 hectare project is run by Iola Rabasco who has a reputation for producing much lighter profiled wines than the Abruzzo region is traditionally used to. Iola’s ‘Cancelli’ range of wines are grown on the plot of vines right next to the house’s door, which is the reason they take the ‘Cancelli’ name because it derives from the Italian word for door.