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Red Italian Natural Wine
Pouring Red Italian Wine Into A Glass
Italian Red Natural Wine In Glass

Vincenzo Rosso - Fattoria Di Vaira

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Winery - Fattoria De Vaira

Region - Campobasso  Country - Italy

Winemaker -  Fattoria Di Vaira

Farming Method - Biodynamic

Grapes - Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Wine Type - Light-bodied Red

Suitable For Vegans/Vegetarians - Yes/Yes

Vintage - 2020  Bottle Size - 750ml ABV - 12.5%


A beautiful, some-what aromatic take on the montepulciano grape. What’s normally quite a straight forward flavour profile, the montepulciano is lifted and boosted by the addition of cab sat and merlot in the bottle. A fruit forward wine with heavy hits of plum and and cherries, with a light mouthfeel that doesn’t linger or overpower. One of the smoothest reds we’ve got our hands on, and from a price point is an essential wine to have in your fridge. Simple, approachable and damn chuggable. Big Bodega energy.


Known as one of the largest biodynamic farms that Italy has to offer, Fattoria De Viari is a 500 hectare farm consisting of over 40 different vines, fields of vegetables, grain filled spaces and much more. Wine isn’t the only thing that comes out of here in 10/10 quality, in fact this wonderful patch of land is responsible for a number of quality products. Chesses, olive oils and even honey. All highly regarded in the area as some of the best you can get. A true showcase of biodynamic land and how cultivating it to become not just a vineyard, can actually have a massive effect on the wine.