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‘Rosé’, DB Schmitt
‘Rosé’, DB Schmitt

‘Rosé’, DB Schmitt

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Rosé’, DB Schmitt

Winery - DB Schmitt 

Region - Rheinhessen  Country - Germany

Winemaker - Daniel and Bianka Schmitt 

Farming Method - Biodynamic

Grapes - Blauer Portugieser

Wine Type - Thirst Quenching Rose

Suitable For Vegans/Vegetarians - Yes/Yes

Vintage - 2019  Bottle Size - 750ml ABV - 11.4% 


Sweet and dry all at the same time, subtle hints of acidity right the way through with every last sip taken. Incredibly aromatic and floral, with a citrusy pomegranate backbone when it comes to flavours. Quite the thought provoking, intriguing rose - well worth a try! 


DB Schmitt - standing for Daniel and Bianka Schmitt have been on the German biodynamic wine making scene since 2012, well and truly establishing themselves as a mighty force when it comes to high grade, well made biodynamic wines. Their main aim? To create grand wines as naturally as possible that embody the true balance between man and nature. “Wines that reflect our personalities as well as our creativity.” DB Schmitt are firm believers that everything in this world truly is connected and they do a fantastic job at showcasing that in each and everyone one of their wines!