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Pol Opuesto - El Otro Lado

Pol Opuesto - El Otro Lado

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Winery - Pol Opuesto 

Region - Uco Valley, Mendoza Country - Argentina

Winemaker -  Pol Andsnes

Farming Method - Organic & Natural

Grapes - 100% Torrontes

Wine Type - Skin-Contact Orange 

Suitable For Vegans/Vegetarians - Yes/Yes

Vintage - 2020  Bottle Size - 750ml ABV - 12.5%


A beloved favourite of the Bodega it was the wine that told us there’s more to the bottle than just liquid. Only to be served chilled, this orange wine gives of loud flavours of Lychee juice topped up with the sweetest apricots. This wine shows truly how winemakers can optimise skin contact to a completely legendary degree.
Drink enough of this and the possibilities are endless.


The journey with the El Otro Lado is not for the weak, this wine amplifies you in ways you never knew before. Shining through the bottle like a golden orb of hope, which is exactly the way it is greeted by your taste buds and your senses. The ten month maceration of the Torrontes grapes is what brings out that in this one of a kind bottle of Natural wine. Winemaker Pol Andsnes is the man who fabricated this wine into history. Mendoza, which is located in the North West corner of Argentina, there is a Valley named Uco where Pol harvests the El Otro - this is where he steadily curates the bottles that we have been able to witness and love.