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Mercoledì Paestum Fiano, Vignetti Tardis
Mercoledì Paestum Fiano, Vignetti Tardis

Mercoledì Paestum Fiano, Vignetti Tardis

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Winery - Vignetti Tardis 

Region - Campania Country - Italy

Winemaker -  Jack Lewens & Bruno de Conciliis

Farming Method - Organic w/ Biodynamic Treatments

Grapes - 100% Fiano

Wine Type - Simple and Bright White Wine 

Suitable For Vegans/Vegetarians - Yes/Yes

Vintage - 2019  Bottle Size - 750ml ABV -  


Quite the gentle and soft white wine, with a discreet yellow appearance. Although it’s somewhat hard to mention the words ‘soft’ and ‘gentle’ when you’re talking about a wine that carries 13% punch! Bit of a deceptive one to be fair. The aroma’s from the ‘Mercoledi Paestum Fiano’ are reminiscent of granny smith green apples with a hint of chopped pears in the mix, traditional scents for a vino from this side of the world. Flavours are what I could only compare to a toned down Werther's original butterscotch sweet, best enjoyed before a meal to get you warmed up and ready for a night on the natty wines.



Vignetti Tardis is a collaborative project founded by Jack Lewens and Bruno de Conciliis back in 2017. Once upon a time Jack was the co-owner and sommelier at Leroy in Shoreditch, London and somewhere along the line he decided enough was enough on the front lines of the restaurant scene and packed it in for a new-found career of producing natural wines alongside his business partner, and natural winemaking wizkid  Bruno. A somewhat familiar, yet inspiring story! They are situated in Cilento located in Campania’s southerly region.