Free city centre drop off's in Manchester on orders made before 2pm

The Boys


Eoghan Neburagho - Vin de Bodega is a lifestyle. It's an action to the North’s call. Vin De Bodega is the answer to your needs and the ice to your juice. The natural wine movement isn't going nowhere and neither are we!

Jack Surplus - Wine has so many people telling you what you can and can’t do. Don't have red with fish, don't drink red cold. The bodega boys don't judge. You'll catch us drinking orange wines with kebabs if it tastes good. Come and join the movement.

Razz Ashraf - Manchester rooted but the bodega is a place for not only community but compassion for natural wine. Come and cotch up with the boy's at the bodega and enjoy the finest juices that we've personally picked for you. 

Rick Farthing - A collective? a lifestyle? or just a group of mates wanting to make Manchester just as excited about natural wine as we are. All sound good.